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10.75oz Cotton & Modal Non-Stretch Denim - Indigo - 1/2 meter

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Our first non-stretch cone denim, and it's a good one! 

10.75 oz Cone Mills non-stretch denim in indigo "Uber Shade". This stretch denim is light-medium weight, with a crisp hand feel that will soften with washing. Suitable for boyfriend jeans, denim jackets, skirts, and shorts. The cotton and modal blend is stiff and dark grey-blue in colour off the bolt, but gets wonderfully soft and - believe it or not - more blue as you launder it.

Cone Mills is well known for its high quality made in the USA denim. 

Content: 72% Cotton / 28% Modal

Width: 165cm / 65"

Weight: 10.75 oz

Country of Origin: USA

Sold by the half meter. Select qty: 1 for .5 meter, qty: 2 for 1 meter, qty: 3 for 1.5 meter, etc.

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