14oz Waxed Cotton Canvas - Blood Orange - 1/2 meter

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Waxed cotton woven fabric. This stunning waxed canvas is a wonderful choice for a stunning transitional jacket. This fabric is both water resistant and breathable, making it a great option for all kinds of winter weather. It is strong, durable, and resistant to abrasions. Waxed cotton gives you a gorgeous retro feel, and will age with with distinctive cracks and patina, similar to your favourite leather jacket.

When you receive the fabric, please note there will be creases or 'craze marks' in the wax due to the shipping process. Fret not, these are not permanent; see below for tips for restoring your fabric in the care section.

We suggest using thicker Jeans/Denim needles when sewing with waxed cotton canvas.

Content: 100% Cotton

Width: 147cm / 58"

Weight: Medium to Heavy Weight, 14oz with waxed finish

Opacity: Opaque

Drape: Crisp/Structured

Care: Do not use warm or hot water on this product at any time. Do not dry clean. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry. These processes will strip the wax finish.

To clean, start by brushing off dirt with a soft brush. If washing is needed, hand wash with cold water using a cloth of soft brush. For stubborn spots or stains, use a mild bar soap or flake soap sparingly. Test the soap you plan to use, as many stronger detergents will break down the wax.

You can clear up crease marks by using a heat blowing gun, hair dryer, or iron without steam at a low heat (with a protective paper layer between the fabric and the iron). Remember that any amount of warm or hot water can easily strip the wax and damage the finish. Check out this Youtube tutorial for more information. You can also re-wax your fabric by using Tex Wax™ refinishing product or a fabric safe paraffin wax.

Country of origin: Hong Kong

Suitable for: Jackets, Bags

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Check out our Waxed Canvas Pinterest Board for design inspiration and pattern suggestions. 

Note: We recommend that you pre-wash / pre-treat your fabric in the manner you intend to wash your finished garment. 

Sold by the half meter. Select qty: 1 for .5 meter, qty: 2 for 1 meter, qty: 3 for 1.5 meter, etc.

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