Your Makes Vol. 3

It’s that time again! We get to admire all the lovely things you guys make with our fabrics. Here are some of my favourite makes from the past few months.

Bianca from Fabricate made a lovely shirtdress from our slubby tencel denim. You also don’t want to miss this Roscoe blouse!

It’s been a linen palooza over at Pudge & Nico. Nicole used our linens for an Alder Shirtdress, a Southport tank, and a Sway dress.

This perfect quilted knit Linden is from Helen’s Closet. Would you look at that fall scene? Swoon.

Here’s a beautiful Laurel dress from Heather at the Pug & Needle. Also, sleeveless linen Granville shirt. Also, stripey bamboo knit tee. Also, jeans and buffalo plaid Granville shirt. Heather, your sewing output is crazy and I love it!

More link love:

A stunning Xerea dress in our most popular fabric ever over on Design by Lindsey.

Amanda made a beautiful maxi skirt from one of our viscose poplin prints.

Some unselfish sewing over on Anna Zoe: a striped linen shirtdress for her lucky mama!

Jen from Grainline Studio made a lovely Watson bra with one of our findings kits.

This bicycle print Alder shirtdress by Carolanne is perfection.