Cable Quilted Knit - Black - 1/2 meter

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Quilted knit fabric with a cable style pattern. This knit is soft on both sides, with a pillowy quilted texture. Note that the cables run across the fabric (horizontally if you cut on the grainline), but you can cut cross grain for vertical cables. See below for stretch percentage in each direction!

Content: 93% Polyester / 5% Rayon / 2% Spandex

Width: 150cm / 59”

Weight: Heavy, 375gsm

Stretch percentage: 50% crosswise, 30% lengthwise

Care: Machine wash gentle or hand wash, do not tumble dry, do not bleach, iron low

Country of origin: China

Suitable for: Sweaters, dresses

Note: We recommend that you pre-wash / pre-treat your fabric in the manner you intend to wash your finished garment. 

Sold by the half meter. Select qty: 1 for .5 meter, qty: 2 for 1 meter, qty: 3 for 1.5 meter, etc.

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Additional Info