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Article: How To Choose The Right Denim

How To Choose The Right Denim
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How To Choose The Right Denim

Whether you’re a seasoned seamstress or a beginner sewist tackling your first pair of jeans, choosing the right denim for your project is the most important step for making the perfect pair. From rigid to stretch, 8oz to 13oz, brushed to crosshatch, our range of denims cover it all. Let’s find which one is right for you!


Stretch Denim
For skinny jeans, pencil skirts, and form-fitting dresses, stretch denim is a must! Woven with a healthy dose of spandex, these lighter weight denims feature a generous amount of stretch to give an ultra-comfy and flexible fit plus great recovery to make sure everything bounces right back into shape. These denims are best suited to close-fitting garments that let their stretchiness shine! Our 8oz and 10oz S-Gene Denims are perfect for patterns like the Megan Nielsen Ash Jeans and the Closet Core Ginger Jeans.

Comfort Stretch

Comfort Stretch Denim
If you’re looking for a little added flexibility in your favourite non-stretch patterns, comfort stretch denims are the perfect option. Although these denims are not super “stretchy”, they have a touch of give thanks to the hint spandex in their fibre content. Like our non-stretch denims, they will feel stiff off the bolt but will soften beautifully with washing and wear. These denims are perfect for using with non-stretch patterns that could use a little added comfort like the Megan Nielsen Dawn Jeans or low stretch patterns like the Workroom Social Claryville Jeans.


Heavyweight Denim
When it comes to more structured garments, they require rigid, non-stretch denims that maintain their shape. These classic denims are sturdy and hard-wearing with a traditional, old-school denim feel. In true denim fashion they will be stiff off the bolt but soften and age over time, molding themselves to your body. Wide leg pants like the Anna Allen Persephone Pants and classic denim jackets like the Grainline Studio Thayer Jacket are a great match for sturdier, heavyweight denims such as our 12oz Japanese Non-Stretch Popcorn Denim and our 13oz Japanese Non-Stretch Crosshatch Denim.

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