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Article: Find Your Next Summer 'Fit

Find Your Next Summer 'Fit
Pattern Roundups

Find Your Next Summer 'Fit

Summer is just around the corner! Whether you plan on spending it browsing your local farmer's market with flowers in tow, or taking off to the nearest beach in search of sun, we've got the perfect projects to fit the bill.

Come along as we walk you through the summer outfit inspiration that's been living in our heads rent-free this month!

1. Coffee Break

Daughter Judy Brier Pants (up to a 66.5" hip) in our Crisp Cotton Chino Twill in Teak, paired with the Friday Pattern Co Butano Button Up (up to a 60" chest) in our Tally Stripe Cotton Shirting in Mustard

2. Farmer's Market

Sydney Graham Syd Tie Top & Dress (up to a 61" chest, 65" hip) in our Gingham Soft Washed Linen in Paloma and the True Bias Darla Jumpsuit (up to a 59.5" chest, 61.5" hip) in our Washed Linen in Mojito.

3. Brunch Date

Les Perlines Sundaze Dress (up to a 55" chest, 60" hip) in our Freshly Cut Printed Viscose Challis in Periwinkle & Cream.

Paradise Patterns Plumeria Top (up to a 44" chest) and the Soften Studio Clo Bias Skirt (up to a 52.7" hip) in our Twilight Rose Printed Viscose Challis in Madder.

4. Garden Party

BF Patterns Carrie Crop Top (up to a 62" chest) in our Medium Weight Bamboo Rib Knit in Wisteria, paired with the True Bias Mave Skirt (up to a 59.5" hip) in our Cottage Cotton Eyelet in White.

The Paradise Patterns Hallon Dress (up to a 59" chest) in our Daisy Pop Cotton Eyelet in Kiwi.

5. Beach Day

Seamwork Wallis Dress & Romper (up to a 54" chest, 58" hip) in our Ribbed Poly Swim Tricot in Ocean.

Paradise Patterns Cowrie Kini (up to a 58" chest, 61" hip) in our Daisy Days Recycled Nylon Swim Tricot in Black & White and Recycled Nylon Swim Tricot in Lavender.

Have a pattern pairing that you'd like to see mocked up? Leave it in the comment below!

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