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Article: Our March Non-Profit - KidSafe!

Our March Non-Profit - KidSafe!

Our March Non-Profit - KidSafe!

Blackbird Fabrics donates 1% of our revenue each month to a rotating non-profit. With the help of recommendations from our team members, friends & family, and our customers, we choose non-profits that support causes that are important to us and our community. You can find a full list of organizations that we have supported here!

Our non-profit for March is KidSafe.

Wendy, our Community Engagement Coordinator, had the opportunity to speak with Amy Parker, Manager of Community Engagement, from KidSafe to learn more about their initiatives and the continued need for community involvement.

KidSafe is a Vancouver based charity that has been providing nutritious meals and educational activities for children when schools are traditionally closed since 1993. All of KidSafe’s programs are offered free of charge and the organization relies upon their network of supporters to keep their doors open to support the referred children, youth and their families. In addition to after school programs, Spring, Summer, and Winter breaks are busy programming times for KidSafe. Due to the pandemic, their Spring Break 2020 programming turned into 6 months of providing recreational care to kids and they have continued providing programming opportunities to vulnerable youth for over 450 kids across 17 different sites.

One of the most incredible initiatives KidSafe operates is their Compassion Fund, where a pot of money is used on a reactive basis to support families. KidSafe staff can allocate the funds to whatever might be needed when kids are dropped off at any of their programs. For example, over 300 rain boots were bought and donated to kids who did not have proper weather appropriate footwear. Last summer, KidsSafe also bought swimwear for kids so that they can enjoy water activities and play outdoors. Many families were financially impacted by Covid-19 and as a result, KidSafe noticeably saw a rise in non-essentials that were cut from family budgets. Whilst these items are not essential for survival, ultimately they allow kids to play and have fun something which is essential to their health, growth, and mental well-being.

During the peak of quarantine last year, home deliveries were available to families participating in KidSafe programs. In addition to food, other necessities such as diapers and lightbulbs were also delivered. Providing services such as these helped support many families who were feeling the financial impact of Covid-19 over the past year.

I asked Amy if there is anything else that our community can do to help. In addition to monetary donations, KidSafe is always looking for volunteers. Whether it's providing program supervision assistance or driving program materials to their operational sites, any help is appreciated!

Learn more about KidSafe here.

We would like to extend a thank you to Amy Parker for speaking with us and all the work that KidSafe is doing for our community!

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