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Article: Our Tried-And-True Waxed Cotton Canvas Sewing Tips & Tricks

Our Tried-And-True Waxed Cotton Canvas Sewing Tips & Tricks
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Our Tried-And-True Waxed Cotton Canvas Sewing Tips & Tricks

       Our Waxed Cotton Canvas is a sure-fire Birdie staple for when autumn rolls around! This high-quality, durable, and water resistant fabric is perfect for rain-proof makes like bags, outerwear, and hats! 

Waxed Cotton Canvas

       Working with waxed canvas can be a challenge for even the most seasoned of sewists, but it is a totally rewarding feeling to wear your rainproof make out and stay completely dry! To make sure your project is as easy as it can be, we’ve compiled together our sewing tips & special care instructions into one handy guide.

Keep scrolling for our Birdie top tips for handling our Waxed Cotton Canvas!

Waxed Cotton Canvas

Sewing Tips

  1. Use a needle designed for heavier fabrics such as a sharp/denim jeans needle, and wipe away any wax that builds up on your needle while sewing.
  2. Try to limit your iron use. If you do need to use it, keep your iron on a low temperature setting and use a press cloth to protect the canvas & your iron from melted wax!
  3. Sew slowly & carefully and avoid unpicking! Embrace those small mistakes because the holes can remain visible after unpicking. If you do end up with visible holes, use your iron to help smooth those over.
  4. Use your fingers to firmly press seams & hems or apply a bit of steam from your iron and use a tailor’s clapper (or a piece of wood) to apply pressure.
  5. If your pattern calls for interfacing, we recommend using a sew-in option or a crisp, cotton muslin as an alternative.
  6. Once your garment is complete, be sure to give your machine a good clean!

Waxed Cotton Canvas

Care Instructions

  • We recommend that you don’t machine wash or dry clean your waxed canvas, as these processes can strip the waxed finish.
  • If you need to spot clean, hand wash the area with cold water and a cloth or soft brush.
  • For more stubborn stains, use mild bar or flake soap sparingly. Make sure you do a test area first as some stronger detergents can break down the wax!
  • Creases or ‘craze marks’ will develop but fret not, these are not permanent! You can clear up crease marks by using a heat blowing gun, hair dryer or iron at medium heat (with a protective paper layer between the fabric and the iron).
  • You can also re-wax your garment with Tex Wax™ Refinishing Wax or a fabric safe paraffin wax.

Shop our collection of Waxed Cotton Canvas here. Check out some amazing community makes with this fabric by searching the hashtag #BFWaxedCanvas.

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I’m excited to work with this waxed cotton. How do you tell which is the right side/ wrong side?


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