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Remnant - 70cm - 12.75oz Comfort Stretch Denim - Dark Indigo

Sale price$14.00 Regular price$19.00

This listing is for a remnant piece of fabric measuring 70cm (27.6") in length.

This denim was photographed after being pre-washed as we feel this is a better depiction of what the fabric will look like as a garment. 

Made from a blend of cotton, recycled poly and spandex, this Cone Mills comfort stretch denim offers structure, durability and comfort all at once. At 12.75 ounces, this sturdy denim is ideal for non-stretch denim styles. The low spandex content allows the fabric to maintain its structure while adding a hint of stretch to improve comfort and mobility. This denim features a timeless dark indigo colour that will intensify after the first wash and fade beautifully with wear. Raw denim will feel stiff off the bolt but will soften considerably over time.

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Gütermann Thread Match: Midnight Navy #280 (250m spool also available)

Content: 95% Cotton / 4% Poly from Recycled Bottles / 1% Spandex
Width: 164cm / 64.5”
Weight: 432gsm / 12.75oz
Opacity: Opaque
Stretch: 5% stretch cross-grain
Drape: Structured
Country of Origin: China

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