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Article: Deciphering Bottomweights!

Deciphering Bottomweights!
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Deciphering Bottomweights!

        If you’ve shopped on our website before, you may have noticed that one of our widest-ranging fabric categories is our Bottomweights collection!

       Bottomweight fabrics are generally used to make (you guessed it!) all different types of bottoms: jeans, trousers, skirts, shorts, and more. Sturdier than what you would normally choose for blouses or dresses, these fabrics tend to fall under the medium to heavy weight range and generally have a fairly structured drape. Thanks to their durability, they can be used for a wide variety of hard-wearing makes including jackets, jumpsuits and accessories like aprons, hats and bags.

Keep scrolling to read more about some of our favourite bottomweights we carry and our top pattern recommendations to pair them with.

6oz Cotton Twill, Seamwork Beckett Overalls

Our 6oz Cotton Twill

        If you’re after a workwear look without the bulk of a heavy denim or canvas, our 6oz Cotton Twill is the perfect choice for you! Ideal for structured tops, lightweight jackets, relaxed fit or pleated trousers, and warm-weather overalls or boilersuits, this fabric looks luxe and chic with a fine twill weave and smooth finish.

        At an approachable medium weight with a stable weave, our 6oz Cotton Twill is a beginner friendly fabric that’s suitable for a wide variety of projects. Heavier than a shirting weight fabric and lighter than our other bottomweights, this twill has a classically crisp yet soft hand that maintains its shape. Pair this fabric with patterns that include pleats or tucks as it will hold their structure beautifully! 

Our Top Pattern Picks for Our 6oz Cotton Twill
Helen’s Closet Ashton Top (up to a 58” chest)
Make by TFS Cass Pants (up to a 46.1” hip)
Sew House 7 Free Range Slacks (up to 65” hip)
Elbe Textiles Steele Pinafore (up to a 58.5” chest)
Seamwork Beckett Overalls (up to a 58” hip)
9oz Brushed Bull Denim, Fibre Mood Avril Jacket

Our 9oz Brushed Bull Denim

        With a similarly pronounced twill weave, think of our 9oz Brushed Bull Denim as the sturdier cousin of our 6oz Cotton Twill. Slightly heavier with a thicker hand, this bull denim has a softly structured drape that feels comfy and lived-in straight off the roll. Velvety soft, this fabric is also a breeze to sew and easy to care for. Choose our 9oz Brushed Bull Denim for all your outerwear makes and patterns that call for a sturdy workwear look.

Our Top Pattern Picks for our 9oz Brushed Bull Denim
Muna & Broad Cobden Chore Jacket (up to a 64” chest)
True Bias Lander Pants (up to a 46.5” hip) 
Fibre Mood Avril Jacket (up to 57.1” hip)
Birgitta Helmersson ZW Workwear Jacket (drafted up to body circumference of 49”)
10oz Organic Cotton Duck Canvas, Closet Core Jenny Overalls

Our 10oz Organic Cotton Duck Canvas

        The sturdiest of the bunch, our 10oz Organic Cotton Duck Canvas has a crisp hand and structured drape that is perfect for all sorts of hard-wearing garments. With a tighter weave and a higher thread count than the average canvas, this organic cotton resists stretching out with wear and is incredibly durable. Garments made in this fabric only take a few wears to break in, so don’t be afraid to get sewing with this canvas! Overalls and boilersuits sew up well in this canvas and you’ll never want to take them off!

Our Top Pattern Picks for Our 10oz Organic Cotton Duck Canvas
Megan Nielsen Dawn Jeans (up to a 58” hip)
Closet Core Jenny Overalls (up to a 48” hip)
Elizabeth Suzann Clyde Work Pants (up to a 61.5” hip)
Closet Core Blanca Flightsuit (up to a 63” hip)
Modern Sewer Worker Trousers (up to a 50” hip)

Got a question about any of our bottomweight fabrics? Pop it down below and we’ll be happy to answer it!

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