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Article: Our Wardrobe Staples: Workwear-Inspired Chore Coats

Our Wardrobe Staples: Workwear-Inspired Chore Coats
Pattern Roundups

Our Wardrobe Staples: Workwear-Inspired Chore Coats

    There are a few garment styles that feature frequently in our wardrobes here at Blackbird HQ, chore coats being one of them! Boasting a true workwear look, these versatile jackets tend to have clean, simple lines with an endless amount of opportunity for customization.

Easy enough to tackle as a beginner with a simple silhouette, we love sewing this style up in a range of medium to heavy weight woven fabrics like canvas, bull denim, or linen. Scroll to the bottom to shop our collection of chore coat-worthy fabrics!

Come along as we list off some of our favourite chore coat patterns!

1. Muna and Broad Cobden Chore Jacket (up to a 64” bust)

2. Friday Pattern Co Ilford Jacket  (up to 60” chest)

3. The Fabric-Store Paola Workwear Jacket (up to a 63.5" chest)

4. Ready To Sew Julien Chore Jacket (up to a 48" chest) 

5. Birgitta Helmersson Zero Waste Workwear Jacket (drafted for 57" wide fabric)

Have a favourite pattern that's not on this list? Share it in the comments below!

Shop our collection of chore coat-worthy fabrics here.

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Sienna Maker Jacket! View C is especially lovely as a chore jacket. Sizes 0 – 32 from


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