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Floral Polyester Crepe - Camel - 1/2 meter

Polyester crepe fabric. This gorgeous fabric is digitally printed, high quality, and extremely irresistible! Our poly crepes are washable, easy to wear, wrinkle resistant, drape beautifully, and are incredibly soft. There is no need to shy away...

Heavy Weight Wool Blend Coating - Bark - 1/2 meter

$18.67 $13.95
Heavy-weight wool blend woven coating fabric. This extra thick coating fabric will keep you warm all winter long! This high-quality wool poly blend has an extremely soft hand, full bodied drape, and will make any coating project absolutely divine...

Stretch Velvet - Red - 1/2 meter

$6.98 $4.15
polyester stretch velvet knit fabric. This velvet fabric is soft, drapey, with a beautiful stretch and recovery. Perfect to boost the elegance in your every day, this fabric will add depth to fitted dress, leggings, or if you're feeling adventurous,...