The Shop 

In our online shop, we offer garment fabrics, sewing patterns, and an array of tools and supplies for the contemporary sewist. We strive for a curated collection of modern textiles, ensuring that each fabric we pick fits with the aesthetic and style of our customers. We also source sustainable fabrics and are building a base collection of eco-friendly fibres for our conscious consumers. Not only are we looking to improve the impact our fabric makes, we are also moving towards more sustainable packing and shipping materials in hopes to lower our environmental footprint.

As a team of avid sewists, we understand the time, effort, and expense that goes into each piece of handmade clothing and it is our goal to help you create clothes that you will love and wear for years to come.

New fabrics are released weekly and our newsletter subscribers always get first dibs!

We are based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and we ship worldwide.


The Birdies 


The founder and our fearless leader, Caroline is the brains and brawn behind everything at Blackbird fabrics. She is a CEO with many hats: business owner, co-creator and podcast host of the Love To Sew Podcast, and an exceptional dog mom. Her vision for the future of the company keeps the team going forward and her passion for the latest reality TV gossip keep our Monday office meetings scandalous. 


Since Amy has joined the team, our social media and website marketing has taken a huge leap forward. In charge of website photography, social media, and all other graphic design projects around the office, Amy brings her extensive knowledge of textile design and graphic talents to our team. Luckily, this New Zealand native is enjoying the food, music, and outdoor activities of the Pacific Northwest, so we hope she sticks around (forever!)


Laura is the head of Customer Service, an integral member of the procurement team and unofficial jeans queen of the office. She is your go-to-gal for answers to questions about our fabrics, your orders, and future products we have in-store. When Laura is not at her desk or on the hunt for our new fabrics, you can catch her at the swimming pool in a me-made suit or strutting down Main Street in hand-made denim wares



Lizzie comes to us fresh from a Communications degree from the UBC. As part of the order fulfillment team, she is at the front lines of cutting, packing, and shipping all of your gorgeous Blackbird fabric orders. Lizzie is super passionate about the creative side of life, spending time on knitting and embroidery projects – but is super excited to dive into the world of home-sewing!  


After working while attending fashion school in Vancouver, Natasha has fully joined the team as the Workshop Coordinator in the studio. If you have ever attended a workshop or event at Blackbird, you will know Natasha as the sneaky photo snapping lady in the background. She brings her passion for surface design, printing, and dyeing to the team and is always up to learn a brand-new skill. 


Have you ever heard of a coffee connoisseur that doesn’t drink coffee? We have and we love her. After spending time in Ireland, Paige has returned home to Vancouver to embrace her more creative side in fabrics and textiles. During the day, Paige ensures that your orders are cut perfectly and packaged precisely; but at night, she is a wild child – hand embroidering her custom designs until the wee hours of the morning.   

doggos.jpgPepper & Otis


As the resident office puppers, Pepper & Otis are a rag-tag duo of puppy pep and elderly grump. Although they may look like a menacing gang, these two lovable puppos are full of cuddles and hugs.   


























































































































































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