Behind-the-Scenes of Our Handwoven Cotton Fabrics

        Our Handwoven Cottons are crafted using indigenous weaving techniques by skilled artisans in Bengal, India. Lightweight and naturally breathable, these woven fabrics are perfect for breezy warm-weather makes and effortless layering pieces for fall! 

        Our supplier kindly provided us with these beautiful videos and photos of our fabrics being woven for us to share. 

Come along as we take a peek behind-the-scenes at some of our handwoven fabrics in production and walk you through why we love them! 

        Our supplier works with over 300 skilled weavers from clusters in different villages around West Bengal with whom they have up to 30 years of working relationships. Working out of their own homes, these skilled artisans rely on their extensive knowledge, which is often passed down between generations, to craft these fine fabrics.

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        Available in a wide range of colours and patterns, these beautiful textiles are thoughtfully designed by the artisans who weave them. Each additional colour of yarn, especially darker colours, adds complexity to the weaving process so the weavers decide their rate based on the specific style being produced and the effort required to complete it. 

Plaid Handwoven Cotton in Cocoa/Pink/Orange

        Check designs, for example, require multiple weft shuttles to carry the different colours of yarn back and forth. This means that this fabric is more labour intensive, as it takes more time to set up the loom and to weave the fabric. Allowing artisans to set their own rates ensures that they are fairly compensated for the unique requirements of each design and can work at their own pace.

Check Handwoven Cotton in Brick/Orange/White

        A big reason why we love  handwoven textiles is their eco-friendly nature! The vibrant yarns are dyed with Azo-free dyes and woven using handlooms that are powered by the artisans alone.  

Plaid Handwoven Cotton in Midnight Spruce and Light Green

        We’d like to extend a huge thank you to all the skilled artisans who were involved in designing and weaving this beautiful collection! 

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