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Article: Meet The Makers Behind Our Handwoven Cottons

Meet The Makers Behind Our Handwoven Cottons
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Meet The Makers Behind Our Handwoven Cottons

        With the kick-off of Fashion Revolution Week 2023 yesterday, we wanted to take a moment to chat about transparency within the supply chain, the limitations we face, and to highlight some of the skilled folks behind our favourite Handwoven Cottons.

 Who Made My Fabric?

        The question, "Who made my fabric?", can be a complex one to answer for the majority of textiles, thanks to an increasingly complicated supply chain (check out our Instagram post here for a visualization). While we continue to push for transparency with our suppliers & pass down as much information as possible to all of you, we'd love to shine a light on why collections like our Handwoven Cottons are so near and dear to our hearts.
        Unlike the majority of textiles available to home sewists that are typically machine woven, these fine cottons are meticulously dyed, spun, and woven all by hand (take a peek at this process over on our Youtube channel here!). Because of this, we believe that it's incredibly important for us to acknowledge the wealth of skill, knowledge, time, and traditional techniques that go into making these beautiful fabrics. 

 Meet The Makers

        Our supplier works with over 300 skilled weavers from clusters in different villages around West Bengal with whom they have up to 30 years of working relationships. These skilled artisans rely on their extensive knowledge, which is often passed down between generations, to craft these fabrics with each cluster of weavers tends to specialize in different weaving styles and fibers.

Come along as we introduce you to a few of the folks who made our Handwoven Cottons!

Kalachand Ganay
Handloom Artisan and Drumming & Weaving Expert 

Kalachand was responsible for weaving our  Jumbo Plaid Handwoven Cotton in Teak, Daffodil, & Espresso.

Bijay Guin
Handloom Artisan

Bijay was responsible for weaving our Mini Plaid Superfine Handwoven Cotton in Ivory, Charcoal, & Teak.

Anil Guin
Handloom Artisan

Anil was responsible for weaving our Striped Plaid Superfine Handwoven Cotton in Viridian Green & White.

Rabin Dutta
Handloom Artisan

Rabin was responsible for weaving our Plaid Handwoven Cotton in Mauve, Chartreuse, & Pale Blue.

Sushil Guin
Handloom Artisan

Sushil was responsible for weaving our Mini Gingham Superfine Handwoven Cotton in Emerald & White.

Madhu Guin
Handloom Artisan

Madhu was responsible for weaving our Kaleidoscope Check Lightweight Handwoven Cotton in Rainbow.

Shashthi Guin
Handloom Artisan

Shashthi was responsible for weaving our Plaid Lightweight Handwoven Cotton in Chocolate & Pale Blue.

        In partnering directly with companies like ours to offer these gorgeous handcrafted fabrics, our supplier's hope is that it will provide a space for these traditional textiles, and the artisans who make them, to receive recognition and continue to increase the value of this complex work in the global market.
        If you'd like to see more behind-the-scenes of our Handwoven Cottons, from the dyeing to weaving processes, check out this video over on our Youtube channel or read more about how they're made here.
Have any questions about our Handwoven Cottons? Leave them in the comments below and we'll do our best to answer them!

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How wonderful to see who made 2 of the fabrics I am sewing up right now!


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