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Article: Get to Know Our Bamboo Fabric Family

Get to Know Our Bamboo Fabric Family
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Get to Know Our Bamboo Fabric Family

From french terry to fleece, jersey to rib, our wide range of bamboo knits keep us cozy and comfy from day to night. Here’s a rundown on all our different bamboo fabric types to help you choose the right one for your next me-made project!

Bamboo Jersey Knit

Our Bamboo Jersey Knit hanging on a rackButtery soft and naturally lustrous, our Bamboo Jersey Knit is a dream to wear thanks to its generous stretch and great recover. The plain knit weave of our Bamboo Jersey makes it versatile for most all knit projects from turtlenecks to underwear. With its very fluid drape, this fabric is ideal for whipping up into slouchy tops and dresses like the Friday Pattern Company Adrienne Blouse and the Sew House Seven Underwood Tank & Dress.

Shop our Bamboo Jersey Knit here

 Medium Weight Bamboo Rib Knit

Swatches of our Medium Weight Bamboo Rib Knit

Like our Bamboo Jersey Knit, our Medium Weight Bamboo Rib Knit has the soft lustre and natural softness that we love in bamboo! With a gorgeous ribbed texture, high stretch, and amazing recovery, this knit is perfect for sewing into more form-fitting garments. Fully opaque, this rib is a favourite for turtlenecks like the True Bias Nikko Top and loungewear like the Style Sew Me Lisa Loungewear Set

Shop our Medium Weight Bamboo Rib Knit here 

Bamboo & Cotton Sweatshirt Fleece

Stack of our Bamboo & Cotton Sweatshirt Fleece & matching ribbing
When it comes to loungewear, we have a bounty of options! For a traditional sweatsuit vibe, cozy up with our Bamboo & Cotton Sweatshirt Fleece. Similar to our popular Bamboo & Cotton Stretch fleece, this midweight fleece has a super-soft brushed backside but with no spandex content. With matching ribbings and a neutral colour palette, this fabric is suitable for sweaters like the Helen's Closet Jackson Tee and Pullover and sweatpants like the True Bias Hudson Pants.

Bamboo & Cotton Stretch Fleece
Stack of our Bamboo & Cotton Stretch Fleece and 2x2 Ribbing
Our Bamboo & Cotton Stretch Fleece is similar in weight to our Bamboo & Cotton Sweatshirt Fleece with the added benefit of spandex. True to its name, this fleece has a comfortable stretch and great recovery, keeping baggy knees and elbows at bay! With the same super soft brushed backside, this midweight fleece is perfect for True Bias Marlo Sweater and Seamwork Mel Joggers
Bamboo & Cotton French Terry
Rolls of our Bamboo & Cotton French Terry
For a warmer weather version of your favourite loungewear patterns, our Bamboo & Cotton French Terry is hard to beat! With a smooth right side and a fine looped back, this terry has a soft drape and a drier hand than our fleeces. Available in a complete range of hues, this fabric suits a variety of lighter sweaters like the I Am Apollon Sweatshirt and the Seamwork Amari Sweatshirt
Shop our entire range of Bamboo Fabrics

Need a sample? Request swatches of your favourite colours. 

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