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Article: Birdie Sewing Tips & Tricks: Satin Edition

Birdie Sewing Tips & Tricks: Satin Edition
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Birdie Sewing Tips & Tricks: Satin Edition

        Like liquid gold in fabric form, there's nothing more luxurious than a lustrous and slinky satin! Effortlessly fluid, this luxe fabric drapes so beautifully into whatever form you choose, whether that be bias cut tops, skirts & dresses, wide palazzo style pants, or jumpsuits. But before you dive right into your next me-made, there are a few things us Birdies thought you should know to help make your project go as silky smooth as satin!

Keep reading for our top tips on sewing with satin!

Cut one layer at a time

        Satin is a notoriously slippery fabric so it's best to cut each layer flat and separately to avoid any shifting. Using a rotary blade and lots of pattern weights will help to keep things in place. If you choose to use scissors, you can also pin a layer of thin tissue paper underneath your satin to help stabilize the fabric.

Use delicate pins

        Choose microtex needles and silk pins to avoid leaving large holes in your fabric. When pinning, pin within the seam allowance and mark your notches with chalk on the wrong side.

Staystitch all your necklines & armholes

       Curved edges and diagonal seams are prone to warping. Staystitching these areas with a large basting stitch will help to prevent them from stretching out of shape while you sew.

Test your tension!

        Use a swatch to test your tension and stitch length before starting your project as satin tends to pucker. 

Keep it smooth

        This silky fabric snags easily, so make sure your work surfaces are smooth and free of any rough edges that could catch on your fabric. 

Avoid pressing your fabric with steam

        Water can leave stains so skip the steam to avoid any drips on your fabric.

We hope you found those tips helpful and excited to dip into the wonderful world of satin. If you have any pro-tips that we didn't list here, leave them down below as a comment to share the knowledge and help other sewists tackle this fabric!

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