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Article: Our Favourite Free Sewing Patterns

Our Favourite Free Sewing Patterns
Pattern Roundups

Our Favourite Free Sewing Patterns

Sewing is a fantastic way to build a more sustainable wardrobe, however, it can also be quite an expensive hobby! It’s a common misconception that making your own clothes is cheaper than buying them and while in some cases it can be true, more often than not, the total costs can be daunting. The barrier to entry can feel even higher for beginner sewists, when every inch of fabric is precious and mistakes can make a project feel like a huge waste.
That’s where free sewing patterns come in! A helpful resource when you’re looking to tackle your first project, many pattern companies offer one or two free patterns that let you sew up a style with one less hurdle! With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some excellent freebies from some of our favourite pattern designers to help get you started on your me-made journey!       
Come along as we walk you through them!

One Stop Shop

Find a whole variety free sewing patterns for tops, bottoms, outerwear and more from these great resources!

Free Sewing Patterns for Knit Fabrics

Free Beginner Friendly Sewing Patterns for Woven Fabrics

Free Sewing Patterns for Accessories

Comment below with your favourite free patterns or sewing resources and share the love!

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Thank you for the free pattern roundup! One of my favourite free patterns is the Blomma Tank from Paradise Patterns. Such a great wardrobe basic and a pattern I reach for over and over again!

Jana Pickering

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