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Article: OUR JULY NON-PROFIT - The Kettle Society

OUR JULY NON-PROFIT - The Kettle Society

OUR JULY NON-PROFIT - The Kettle Society

Blackbird Fabrics donates 1% of our revenue each month to a rotating non-profit. With the help of recommendations from our team members, friends & family, and our customers, we choose non-profits that support causes that are important to us and our community. You can find a full list of organizations that we have supported here.

Our non-profit for July is The Kettle Society.

The Kettle Society is a Vancouver-based charity that provides outreach, advocacy, housing, employment, community services, and other enrichment programs. They have empowered people living with mental illness, substance abuse, poverty and/or homelessness for over 40 years. 

Wendy, our Community Engagement Coordinator, had the opportunity to speak with Michelle Van Der Zon, the Development Manager, to find out more about the organization and their ongoing initiatives.

The Kettle Society supports people living with mental illness, substance use, poverty and/or homelessness. The organization is committed to breaking down barriers by raising awareness of mental health issues and by promoting the inclusion of those living with mental illness in all aspects of society. Since its humble beginnings in 1976, The Kettle has been committed to working to build self-esteem and assist in recovery for its members and clients over the course of 40+ years. The organization serves a community of 6,000+ vulnerable individuals each year, manages 400+ units of supportive housing, and operates a mental health drop-in centre that provides meals every day of the year.

The Drop-In centre, open 365 days per year, is considered the “Heart of The Kettle”. In addition to offering a daily hot lunch, the Drop-In offers a variety of social and recreational programs. This facility provides a place of refuge, a sense of community and a point of access to services such as advocates, a nurse and an ID bank. Folks can also access basic needs like hygiene supplies, clothing, a hot shower, or use a computer.  

I asked Michelle if there was anything else that she would like to share. While the Kettle Society has been a charity for over 40 years, it is not a well-known organization outside of East Vancouver. Vulnerable populations are part of our communities and we encourage you to learn, research, and donate to your nearest organization.

We would like to extend a thank you to Michelle and the Kettle Society for speaking with us and for all the work that you do.


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