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Article: Our Birdie Holiday Gift Making Guide 2023

Our Birdie Holiday Gift Making Guide 2023
Pattern Roundups

Our Birdie Holiday Gift Making Guide 2023

The holiday season is quickly approaching and if you plan on making your holiday gifts, the time to start sewing is... now! But don't stress, the Birdies are here to help. We have rounded up our favourite sewing patterns from bags & accessories to apparel to home goods & decor, so you'll have everything you need to check everyone off your list this year.
Now let's get this DIY party started (cue the festive music and hot cocoa)!
Bags & Accessories
From simple totes to timeless hats, here you can find our favorite bags and accessories for everyone on your list.
Pictured above:
BF Patterns Bestie Bag (Confident Beginner)
Seamwork Graham Necktie* (Intermediate - video class with membership)

More of our faves:
Grainline Town Bag (Confident Beginner)
TYTKA Studio Flower Shaped Bag (Confident Beginner)
Soften Studio Soften Tote Bag (Confident beginner)
Steph Time The Tote Tote (Free - Beginner friendly - Youtube tutorial) 
Elbe Textiles Davis Belt (Intermediate)
Who doesn't love a new set of jammies or a cozy robe this time of year? 
Pictured above:
Daughter Judy Genra Shirt (Intermediate) (Up to a 60" chest)
Helen’s Closet Arbutus Robe (Confident Beginner) (Up to a 62" hip)
Closet Core Carolyn Pajamas (Intermediate) (Up to a 46" chest, 48" hip)
Common Stitch Pipit Loungewear Set (Intermediate) (Up to a 57" chest, 52" waist)

Some more wish list worthy makes:
Common Stitch Finch Button Up (Intermediate) (Up to a 57" chest)
Muna And Broad Medlow Robe (Beginner(Up to a 64" chest, 71.5" hip)
Grainline Lakeside Pajamas (Confident Beginner) (Up to a 44" chest, 47" hip)
(Confident Beginner) (Up to 49" chest, 53" hip)
Tilly And The Buttons Joe Pyjama Bottoms + Shorts (Beginner) (Up to a 46" waist)
Merchant & Mills The Sunday Robe (Intermediate) (Up to a 64"chest)
Closet Core Veronik Robe (Beginner) (Up to a 71.2"chest)
Swim Style Patterns Tamarama Set (Intermediate) (Up to a 60" chest, 64" hip)
Home Goods & Holiday Decor
Deck the halls with these playful home and decor projects!
Pictured above:
Ojayroom Wine & Tumbler Bottle Bag (Beginner - Youtube tutorial) 

Ojayroom Nearly Free Christmas Ornaments (Beginner - Youtube tutorial)

More gift worthy makes:
Helen's Closet Dogwood Apron (Confident Beginner)
Did we miss your favourite? Let us know what your go-to gifts are!
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