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        Blackbird Fabrics donates 1% of our revenue each month to a rotating nonprofit. With the help of recommendations from our team members, friends & family, and our customers, we choose nonprofits that support causes that are important to us and our community. You can find a full list of organizations that we have supported here!

Our nonprofit for December is Lookout Housing and Health Society

        We had the opportunity to speak with Mary Campbell, Development Coordinator, to find out more about the organization and their ongoing initiatives.

        Lookout Housing and Health Society has been operating since 1971, providing housing, health and a range of support services to underserved communities in 15 municipalities across British Columbia. Lookout Society works closely with municipalities, helping to identify and support each community in meeting the specific needs of the people who require support. All Lookout Society services are non-sectarian and non-judgemental, placing minimal barriers to help as many people as possible.

        With housing at the core of their organization, Lookout Society recognizes that people experience complex challenges that require different types of support. Therefore, they offer a range of shelter and housing opportunities with varying degrees of support available to meet the unique needs of each person. Trained Tenant Support Workers assist individuals with connections with health and income supports as well as access to training and employment opportunities. Lookout Society also runs a mixed-income affordable housing program which offers affordable rental rates that are dependent on the resident’s income level and current living situation. 

        In addition to their housing programs, Lookout Society also runs multiple support services such as outreach programs, emergency shelters, health programs and resource centres. Their outreach teams work closely with community partners and community health professionals to provide immediate and ongoing access to shelter, health and housing services. Lookout Society operates supervised consumption sites in Vancouver and Surrey, helping to address the opioid health crisis, substance abuse and mental health challenges.These centres provide a safe and welcoming place with access to harm reduction services that encourage safer use practices. The range of health services in Surrey include a minimal barrier health clinic, a low-cost dental clinic and support for people living with chronic illnesses such as AIDS/HIV and Hep-C. 

        The Mood Disorder Association of BC (MDABC) is a branch of Lookout Society that provides treatment, support, education, and hope for recovery to people living with a mood disorder. Its goal is to create a community that is inclusive of mood disorders where individuals can access mental health services without stigma and barriers. Lookout/MDABC runs more than 25 peer-led support groups for individuals across BC to share their experiences and feel a sense of belonging.

        Lookout Society provides a broad range of essential services for vulnerable individuals coping with a wide variety of complex challenges including poverty, mental illness, substance use, and trauma. On average, Lookout Society’s services are accessed by over 2800 people daily.

 We would like to send our gratitude and appreciation for all the work they do for our community. To learn more, visit 

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