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Article: Get To Know Our Linen Fabric Family

Get To Know Our Linen Fabric Family
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Get To Know Our Linen Fabric Family

Linen is one of our favourite fabrics here at Blackbird HQ and for good reason! Woven from flax fibres, this natural fabric is easy to sew, breathable and it ages beautifully with each wash. Linen is also incredibly versatile and is suitable for a wide range of garments from structured pants to flowy dresses.

Our extensive linen range includes a variety of weights and washes, so we’ve put together this handy little guide for picking the perfect linen for your next me-made project!

Lightweight Washed Linen

Our Lightweight Washed Linen range is, you guessed it, the lightest linen of the bunch! This gorgeous linen is finished with an antique wash to give it a beautifully rustic, rumpled texture and a soft, relaxed feel. With a billowy drape and a light, airy hand, this linen is perfect for warm weather tops, dresses, and skirts. Depending on the colour, this linen ranges from opaque to semi-opaque, so be sure to keep this in mind if you’re choosing a lighter shade! We love this fabric for the Closet Core Cielo Top and the Sew Liberated Hinterland Dress.

Shop our Lightweight Washed Linen here

Washed Linen & Washed Linen II

Three of our Washed Linens hanging
The big sister to our Lightweight Washed Linen, our Washed Linen and Washed Linen II are the way to go if you’re looking for the same relaxed feel with higher opacity and a heavier weight. This linen has a gorgeous soft hand with a versatile medium weight. Our Washed Linens are a great option for flowy blouses, casual dresses, jumpsuit and relaxed-fit pants. Pair this fabric with the Wiksten Shift Dress or the Paper Theory Zadie Jumpsuit.

Shop our Washed Linen here.

6.5oz Laundered Linen Twill
Incredibly soft with a brushed hand that feels like your favourite lived-in flannel, this luxe laundered linen is an absolute dream to wear! It's cool nubbly texture oozes casual cool and at 6.5 ounces, this midweight twill is perfect for a range of transseasonal makes from classic button-ups, relaxed fit pants & jumpsuits like the Sew House 7 Burnside Bibs and lightweight jackets like the Helen's Closet Moss Jacket

6.5oz Linen & 7oz Linen
For projects that require a more classic linen vibe, look no further than our 6.5oz Linen and 7oz Linen range. This dreamy mid-weight linen is crisp with a structured drape. With wash and wear, this versatile linen will soften and relax while still maintaining some body. In a range of colours, our 7oz linen is great for a wide range of projects from tailored trousers and fitted dresses to boxy tops and breezy lightweight jackets.  With a stable weave, this fabric is the easiest to sew of our linen range and ideal for beginner-friendly patterns like the Helen’s Closet York Pinafore or the Muna & Broad Torrens Box Top.

Shop our 6.5oz Linen and 7oz Linen here

Stonewashed Linen
Stonewashed Gingham Linen
For when solid colours just won't do, our Stripe and Gingham Stonewashed Linen is just the ticket! We created this custom range of juicy & summery colour combos that are exclusive to Blackbird Fabrics. Featured on a beautifully stonewashed linen base for a rustic, crinkled texture, this fabric has a bouncy, relaxed drape. As a bonus, the flax fibers used to make this linen were cultivated with low-environmental impact methods ie. no additional irrigation, fertilizers, or pesticides. Gorgeous, unique & earth friendly? Yes, please!

Everyday Linen
Naturally breathable, Everyday Linen
Meet our Everyday Linen! Our newest addition to our linen family and an instant Birdie staple. Made from 100% flax fibers, this woven is soft to the touch with a smooth hand. This linen is literally perfect for all sorts of makes. From casual to dressy, voluminous sleeves to tailored trousers, this linen is truly an everyday workhorse! 

Shop our Everyday Linen here.

Shop our entire range of Linen online now

Need a sample? Purchase swatches of your favourite colours. 

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