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Article: Maker Spotlight: Tabitha Sewer, Button Designer

Maker Spotlight: Tabitha Sewer, Button Designer

Maker Spotlight: Tabitha Sewer, Button Designer

        Meet Tabitha Sewer - blogger, sewist, business owner, and multi-tasker extraordinaire! Known in the sewing community for her colourful style, Tabitha’s line of resin buttons is bursting with vibrant hues and bold playful shapes that are guaranteed to add a pop to any make. As this gorgeous range of buttons hits our shelves, we wanted to take a second to get to know the brilliant mind behind this line. And before you ask, yes, that is her actual last name! 

        Between serving in the US Air Force for over 10 years and earning a Master’s degree (as well as several certificates) in business, Tabitha picked up her sewing machine and hasn't stopped creating colourful garments since! Along the way, she started a sewing business creating unique and fun garment buttons, as well as her own line of sewing patterns. 

We reached out to learn more about her journey and ask her about all things buttons!


We're so excited to finally be carrying your buttons! Can you tell us how you decided to start a button business?

Tabitha: I decided to start a button business because for years, I was so disappointed in the selection in the craft stores. I knew this was a huge need in the sewing community because when people would share their makes on social media, no one was really excited about sharing the buttons they would add to the clothes they make. Buttons are the cherry on top, it’s the finishing touch to a garment. I think that people should be excited to share the finishing touches to their garments, especially the buttons. Because of this, I wanted to create something people would be so proud to sew onto their clothes and make their garments feel extra special.

Starting a small business can often be quite a daunting task. What were the early days of your business like? 

T: Oh my goodness! Launching a small business is not for the weak! It’s so extremely hard because you’re doing everything alone. Everything that you have to do is almost too much to do alone, but if you are passionate about it, you can’t stop thinking about it and have no choice but to keep going. 

I have so many wins! My business is still new, it’s only a year old. One of my biggest wins is the many small business owners that are interested in carrying my products in their stores. It’s validation that I’m providing something of value to the community. It makes me extremely proud. Honestly, I was hoping for a long time for Blackbird Fabrics to carry my buttons. I didn’t think it would happen. LOL! I’m soooo excited and so grateful you all took a chance on me. I know your customers will love the buttons.

My biggest challenges… Well, with the wins, there are challenges. Learning how to do it all on your own. There is no roadmap on how to run this type of business. I have to figure it all out by myself which can be extremely frustrating at times. At times I want to quit but I snap out of it and keep pushing. I think about why I started in the first place and I regain my confidence.

Your button designs and colours are so unique and colourful! What are your favourite ways to showcase a statement button in your makes?  
T: Thank you! My favourite way to showcase my statement buttons is through my sewing patterns. I collaborated with Creative Bug last year and designed 4 new patterns that include a button detail. I love love love the added texture and touch of interest a button gives to a garment. The Ella Blouse and The Nina Jumpsuit display the buttons perfectly.

On top of a button line, you also have a gorgeous sewing pattern line under your belt! Can you tell us about the creative process that goes into designing and creating your patterns?
T: Creating my sewing patterns is easier than I think it is for most patterns designers. I don’t have a background in pattern making. I have no desire to learn, so I actually hire a company to do this for me. I’m always inspired by fashion and if I see something I like, I change a couple details to make it my own, and send it over to the pattern maker. I test the sample a few times and have it tested by a couple sewing community friends and that’s it! Having a pattern company create the patterns for me eliminates so much stress and I'm able to use my valuable time for other parts of my business.

Are there any upcoming projects you're currently excited about?
T: There is always something in the works. My #1 dream has come true! I never in a million years thought that it would happen, but it’s happening. I’m working on a secret project that I’ll be able to talk more about soon. It's something that people rarely get an opportunity to have, ESPECIALLY someone that looks like me, so I’m really humbled and excited to announce it soon. Until then, follow me on Instagram because I’ll be making the announcement there!

Find our range of Tabitha Sewer buttons here.

You can also find Tabitha posing in her next colourful make over on her Instagram and read about her latest DIY on her blog!

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I am so impressed by all you do! You have great taste and a real feel for design. Your color sense is fabulous as well. Keep up the good work!

Mary Jo

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