Pattern Round Up: Knitwear Refresh Edition!

        We love our knits here at Blackbird HQ! Super easy to wear, fun to sew and forgiving to fit, knits are definitely a staple in our fabric stash. There have been so many exciting new knitwear pattern designs cropping up lately, so we thought we’d round up some of our favourites along with our trusty tried and true patterns to help spark that sewjo! 

        TIP: One thing to keep in mind when you are pairing patterns with your knits is the stretch percentage of your fabric and the recommended stretch percentage of the pattern. Different patterns will require varying amounts of stretch percentage to accommodate the design. For example, a form-fitting dress might need a very stretchy knit (read: high stretch percentage) to avoid bagging out in certain areas whereas a boxy loose-fitting tee that easily pulls over the head might only need a low stretch percentage. 

        We always list the stretch percentage of our knits in our product descriptions but if you are ever in doubt, check out our handy guide on calculating stretch percentage on our Instagram! 

Keep on scrolling to check out our knitwear sewing pattern round-up!

Seamwork Aaronica Dress

1. Seamwork Aaronica Dress & Top (Up to a 60" chest, 64" hip)

Recommended: Medium weight 4 way stretch knits with at least 50% stretch percentage. Subscribe to Seamwork through our affiliate link here!

Friday Pattern Company Elysian Bodysuit

2. Friday Pattern Company Elysian Bodysuit (Up to a 60" chest, 63" hip)

Recommended: 4 way stretch knits with at least 50% cross grain stretch.

Chalk & Notch Max Tee

3. Chalk & Notch Max Tee (Up to a 56" chest, 59" hip)

Recommended: Medium weight knits with 25% - 50% cross grain stretch.

True Bias Zoey Tank & Dress

4. True Bias Zoey Tank & Dress (Up to a 59.5" chest, 61.5" hip)

Recommended: Medium weight knits at least 25% or more stretch.

Swim Style Patterns Therese Dress

5. Swim Style Patterns Therese Top & Dress (Up to a 60" chest, 64" hip) 

Recommended: Jersey knits, bamboo knits, sweater knits, ribbed fabrics, french terry and most light to medium weight fabrics.

Helen's Closet Jackson Tee

6. Helen's Closet Jackson Tee & Pullover (Up to a 62" hip)

Recommended: Knits with at least 10% cross grain stretch.

True Bias Rio Ringer Tee

7. True Bias Rio Ringer Tee (Up to a 57.5" chest, 59.5" hip)

Recommended: Light to medium weight knit fabrics with 40% or more stretch. Bindings require 75% or more stretch such as rib knit.

Swim Style Patterns Lara Loungewear Set

8. Swim Style Patterns Lara Loungewear Set (Up to a 44" chest, 46" hip)

Recommended: Any stretch knits. This style is boxy and loose fitting so many knit fabrics will work!

Megan Nielsen Rowan Bodysuit

9. Megan Nielsen Rowan Bodysuit & Tee (Up to a 60" chest, 62" hip)

Recommended: Stretch fabrics with at least 40% stretch preferably containing spandex or lycra.

Paradise Patterns Blomma Tank

10. Paradise Patterns Blomma Tank (Up to a 60" chest, 62" hip)

Recommended: Knit fabrics with 40% - 80% stretch, preferably with some elastane or spandex.

Isa In Stitches Alex Bodycon Drawstring Dress

11. Isa In Stitches Alex Bodycon Drawstring Mini Dress (Up to a 41" chest, 43.5" hip)

Recommended: Medium weight opaque knitted jersey

Feeling inspired? Pair these styles with our latest arrivals including our new colours of Meadow Daisy Cotton Double Knit, cool to the touch Bamboo Jersey Knit and our restocks of Striped Cotton Jerseys!

New to sewing with knits? Read all our Top Tips for Sewing with Stretch Fabrics here!

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