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Article: Refresh Your Winter Wardrobe

Refresh Your Winter Wardrobe
Pattern Roundups

Refresh Your Winter Wardrobe

        For those of you who've found yourself in a sewing rut (believe us, we've been there!), we've pulled together some outfits with some of our staple fabrics that will help you hit refresh on your winter wardrobe. 

Come along as we walk you through them!

1. Play With Texture

        Rich textures paired with simple, timeless silhouettes make this match a no-brainer! Choose textured fabrics from the same colour family for a monochromatic look that will really highlight your fabric's texture, or add a little intrigue by mixing in a deep analogous shade. 

Jacket: Les Perlines Midway Jacket (up to 55" chest) in our 10oz Cotton Duck Canvas in Malbec

Turtleneck: True Bias Nikko Top (up to a 57.5" chest) in our Cotton Modal Jersey in Navy

Tank: Helen's Closet Ashton Top (up to a 58" chest) in our 4.5oz Sandwashed Cotton in Milky Tea

Pants: Seamwork Nolan Pants (up to a 58" hip) in our Stretch Cotton Corduroy in Baked Clay


2. Try Out A Trend

        Whether it's wide-leg pants or fanny packs, not all trends force you to sacrifice practicality! Find a trend that suits your lifestyle and take it for a test drive.

        Wide-leg pants are great for wearing with winter boots and also give you a little more wiggle room to layer base layers underneath, for those of you in snowy areas. Bodysuits help you avoid an awkwardly tucked in shirt and, despite their reputation, snaps at the crotch make it just as easy to get on and off as any other top. Test the waters of GORP-core fashion with a fuzzy fleece that's guaranteed to keep you toasty warm on even the coolest of days or a belt bag (read: fanny pack) that'll stash your phone, keys, and favourite snacks!

Pullover: Itch To Stitch Bainbridge Pullover (up to a 63" chest) in our Polar Fleece in Olive & Navy 

Bodysuit: Megan Nielsen Rowan Bodysuit (up to a 56" chest) in our Striped Cotton Jersey in Ivory, Rust, & Royal Blue

Fanny Pack: Merchant & Mills Field Belt in our 9oz Brushed Bull Denim in Teak

Pants: Megan Nielsen Dawn Jeans (up to a 58" hip) in our 9oz Brushed Bull Denim in Black

 3. Test The Waters With A Subtle Print

        For the pattern-averse, small-scale prints offer a quick and easy way to switch up your style without too much commitment. Look for a print that picks up on some of the other colours in your wardrobe for easy layering or keep it simple with a neutral print that will go with everything!

Jacket: Muna & Broad Cobden Chore Jacket (up to a 71.5" hip) in our 9oz Brushed Bull Denim in Hunter Green 

Turtleneck: True Bias Nikko Top (up to a 57.5" chest) in our Cotton Modal Jersey in Navy

Dress: Friday Pattern Company Saltwater Slip (up to a 63" hip) in our Playful Shapes ECOVERO™ Challis in Black & Stone White

4. Find A New Favourite Fabric

        Take note of what fabrics are in your comfort zone (aka the fabrics you usually sew with) and then push yourself to step outside of it! Whether it's a baby step or a whole leap, trying out a new fabric can lead you to new skills and new styles that are sure to freshen up your wardrobe.

        If you know you tend to stick to classically crisp linens or cotton lawns, take a baby step out towards more relaxed and textured versions of those fibres like our Washed Linen or our 4.5oz Sandwashed Cotton. Now, if you're ready for a full-on leap, think big with unique fabrics like our Waxed Cotton Canvas or our Linen Ramie Cotton Double Cloth

Top: Sew House Seven Remy Raglan Top (up to a 61.5" chest) in our Washed Linen in Sepia Rose

Pants: Sew House Seven Free Range Slacks (up to a 65" hip) in our 4.5oz Sandwashed Cotton in Peridot

Jacket: Muna & Broad Belmore Jacket (up to a 64" chest) in our Linen Ramie Cotton Double Cloth in Ecru Stripe

Tote Bag: Helen's Closet Costa Tote in our Waxed Cotton Canvas in Espresso

5. Experiment With Bold Silhouettes

         Last but not least, trying out a new silhouette can make a world of difference! Dig through your favourite pattern company's website or use a tool like The Foldline to search for interesting shapes or style lines that'll shake up your wardrobe. We love the unique scalloped hem of True Bias's Salida Skirt and the exaggerated length of the Merchant & Mills September Coat

Pullover: Paper Theory LB Pullover (up to a 56" chest) in our Multi Stripe Cotton Crepe Jersey in Ivory, Ochre, & Navy

Skirt: True Bias Salida Skirt (up to a 46.5" hip) in our Stretch Cotton Corduroy in Teak

Jacket: Merchant & Mills September Coat (up to a 55.25" chest) in our Waxed Cotton Canvas in Military

Circle Bag: All Well Full Moon Bag in our 12oz Brushed Bull Denim in Natural 


Let us know what your top tips are for getting out of a wardrobe rut in the comments below!


I really enjoyed this post. Hopefully these will be a regular feature?


Hi Jean,
That puts such a big smile on our faces! We’re so happy to hear that you find these posts helpful, we will definitely keep them coming. Good luck with your Christmas preparation!

Blackbird Fabrics

I really appreciate your post today. I have always hesitated ordering fabric on line because I didn’t know what fabric would be suitable for my project, and my budget does not allow for mistakes. You have made it so easy, you not only show the patterns, but also which of your fabrics would be suitable.
Like everyone else I am up to my ears with Christmas preps, but as soon as I have a moment I am going to dive into the suggested patterns (which are just my style) and fabrics.
Again, thank you so much. Jean

Jean Jensen

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