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Article: Sewing Tips: Working With Wool

Sewing Tips: Working With Wool
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Sewing Tips: Working With Wool

        It's bundle-up season and we're craving cozy layering jackets & warm winter coats! 🌬️❄️⁠ Working with wool fabrics can feel like a daunting next step in your sewing practice, but it doesn't have to be. The key things to remember are to take your time, go slow, and don't cut corners. When it comes to coat making, a little TLC goes a long way to help you get that snazzy professional RTW finish! 

        Take a scroll through these top sewing tips put together by our talented team of Birdies and get ready to craft your dream wool coat to keep you warm all winter long. 🪡🧥⁠

1. Plan Wisely

Plan Wisely: Sewing With Wool

  • When shopping for wool, try to select a fabric that matches your skill level! This is also a great tip for sewing in general. Beginner sewists may wish to opt for a felted or non-fray wool that allows you to skip the lining and leave edges raw.
  • A lighter weight wool will also be easier to work with on a beginner level machine.

2. Don't Skip The Interfacing!

Don't Skip The Interfacing: Sewing With Wool

  • You might be tempted to omit the interfacing to save time, don't! For a crisp and professional looking collar or lapel, a medium weight weft interfacing will make all the difference. Shop ours here!
  • Yes, that goes even if your main coating fabric is already bulky or structured! 

3. Reduce Bulk

Reduce Bulk: Sewing With Wool

  • Make sewing a breeze by grading your seams to prevent awkward, bulky areas while you're working. 
  • If your machine is not the heavy duty kind, overly bulky seams can lead to uneven, warped, or skipped stitches. This extra step of trimming back seams will save you the grief!
  • Pro tip: A seam jumper will help your machine hurdle any bulky bits with ease. Add one to your cart here! 

4. Press, Press, Press!

Press, press, press! Sewing With Wool

  • Pressing your seams with an iron & press cloth, or a wood clapper as you go is key to giving your final garment a clean & professional, RTW finish.
  • This will save you the hassle of doing it once you're done and it will also help your fabric run smoothly through your machine.      

5. Take Your Time

Take Your Time: Sewing With Wool

  • Take it slow and resist the urge to cut corners!
  • It may take a little longer but it's easier to slow down and do things properly than to go back and unpick once you're done.

        We hope this handy list gives you the confidence to try your hand at sewing with wool! As always, we're here for you every step of the way of your coat-making journey. Have any additional tips, tricks, or follow-up Qs? Leave them in the comments below! ⁠

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