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Article: The Latest & Greatest Sewing Patterns: January 2023

The Latest & Greatest Sewing Patterns: January 2023
Pattern Roundups

The Latest & Greatest Sewing Patterns: January 2023

Wondering what's new in the sewing world? We're back with another new pattern roundup to walk you through some of our favourite new styles from indie sewing pattern designers and what fabrics we'd pair with them.

Sound up your alley? Come along as break them down!

1. Chalk & Notch Isle Jeans (up to a 59” hip)

Pair with: 

2. Seamwork Goldie Tee (up to a 60” chest, 64” hip)

3. Muna & Broad Whitlam Skirt (up to a 71.5” hip)

4. Make By TFS Paint Dress & Top (up to a 58.7” chest, 62.8” hip)

5. Lydia Naomi Celeste Frock (up to a 48” chest, 50” hip)

6. Daughter Judy Isla Jumpsuit (up to a 56" chest, 66.5" hip)

Pair with:
Know a pattern that we missed? Leave it in the comments below!

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I love the idea of matching a pattern to fabric. Sometimes I want to make a particular pattern but can’t figure out which fabric I should use. Since I can’t shop in your store it’s very difficult. Thanks for doing this. I hope you’ll do more patterns.

Carolyn Shaw-Tracey

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