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Article: Blackbird Exclusive Fall 2021 Print Collection

Blackbird Exclusive Fall 2021 Print Collection

Blackbird Exclusive Fall 2021 Print Collection

        Have you met our latest collection of Blackbird Exclusive prints? This range includes everything from bold, modern florals to reworked vintage prints, all featured on our favourite ECOVERO™ twill and challis bases. ⁠⁠With a luxuriously fluid drape, these prints are perfect for all sorts of flowy makes from billowy blouses to drapey jumpsuits.


        This fabric was digitally printed on a LENZING™ certified ECOVERO™ base that looks and feels exactly like your favourite viscose but with a cleaner environmental footprint. ECOVERO™ Viscose fibers are derived from certified renewable wood sources and are manufactured using eco-responsible production processes that meet high environmental standards.  ⁠⁠ 

        ECOVERO™ challis boasts an effortless drape and a smooth, dry hand. Lightweight enough to wear in the summer but with enough body to take you all the way through to winter, this versatile woven is perfect for makes that will show off its fluid drape.

        ECOVERO™ twill features a classic twill weave and a weighty, fluid drape. Fully opaque with a soft hand, this light verging on medium weight woven is a versatile pick for all sorts of makes.

⁠⁠ We shared our fabrics with some of our favourite makers in the sewing community. Scroll down to see them wearing our Blackbird Exclusive Fall/Winter 2021 Print Collection and read what they have to say about them! 

Meet Jasika (@Jasikaistrycurious)

“My name is Jasika Nicole and I am an actor and avid maker. These days I am focusing my creative juices into sewing, pottery, shoemaking, knitting, illustration, watercolor and knitting, but I am always finding new things to be curious about and challenged by!”

Jasika is wearing Burda #106B in Mini Paper Cut Faces Printed ECOVERO™ Twill - Gold/Vintage Teal.

“The drape of both of the fabrics I worked with were SO DREAMY. They were a joy to sew, they pressed well, and the print of the Nude and colors of the Flora are so dynamic which I loved.“ 

Mini Paper Cut Faces Printed ECOVERO™ Twill - Gold/Vintage Teal

Meet Sylvia (@theravelout)


“I am a self-taught sewing enthusiast and blogger, obsessed with adding fun twists to classic pieces, and a sucker for bright colors. I learned to sew through DIY blogs and YouTube videos over six years ago and I haven’t stopped since!”

Sylvia is wearing Helen Closet Reynolds Top (with a gathered skirt hack) in Botanical Watercolour Printed ECOVERO™ Twill - Merlot/Pink

“As usual, Blackbird did not disappoint with these. Sewing tip for both twill and challis fabrics - Use microtex needles! :-)”

Meet Andrea (@andrea_djones)

I believe that any person can be their own fashion designer! And also as we connect through sewing we can grow together, we can express ourselves and cheer for others and make fashion more accessible, sustainable and ethical. I am so here for this sewing community to teach, to learn and to have fun!”

Andrea is wearing the Assembly Shop Oversized Shirt and True Bias Lander Pants in Paper Cut Floral Printed ECOVERO™ Twill - Burgundy/Dusty Rose

“I love the fluid drape, the weight, and soft stability of this fabric. It even has a bit of bounce that makes it fun! It is a dream to work with and feels very luxe to wear.”

Paper Cut Floral Printed ECOVERO™ Twill - Burgundy/Dusty Rose

Meet Meg (@megmadesewing)

“I’m Meg and I’m a lifelong maker and sewist living in the Washington DC area. If I’m not making something pink then I’m making something floral, though never forgetting the value of a good striped tee and jeans!”

 Meg is wearing Seamwork Madhu (top) and Chalk & Notch Orchid Mini (bottom) in Soft Bloom Printed ECOVERO™ Twill - Black/Stone White

“This was my first time sewing with the Ecovero twill from Blackbird fabrics and in short, it's awesome! It has a beautiful drape but it has a really nice weight to it and doesn't feel like it's going to fall apart after a couple wears like some other viscose wovens.”

Soft Bloom Printed ECOVERO™ Twill - Black/Stone White

Meet Danica (@Danicadoesit)

“I have been sewing for almost 3 years now and I'm obsessed with florals and elevated casual everyday wear! My favorite garments to wear and make are jumpsuits and flowy voluminous dresses. By day, I'm an OB/GYN physician based in Houston, Texas, and I spend most of my days delivering babies! I also love trying new recipes and traveling whenever I can.”

Danica is wearing Paper Theory Zadie Jumpsuit in Botanical Watercolour Printed ECOVERO Twill - Pine/Olive

“I love love love the fabric. I love how opaque and sturdy it is, yet somehow soft. It held up really well in the wash as well. I've already started to receive compliments on my outfits in the few times I've worn them around town!”

Botanical Watercolour Printed ECOVERO Twill - Pine/Olive

Shop the Fall/Winter 2021 Print Collection here. 
All content creators were paid and gifted fabrics for this opportunity. 


Hi Kayla,

Thank you for your kind words. We just published an article today on our November Non-Profit – Potluck Café Society! We encourage you to head over there to learn about this incredible organization!

Blackbird Fabrics

Lovely prints. Have you announced the November non profit yet?

Kayla Grice

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