Up The Contrast With Our Exclusive Washed Linen Hues!

        When it comes to colour selection and pattern blocking, there are so many possibilities it makes our heads spin! Inspired by the release of our BF Exclusive Washed Linen hues, our fresh Spring-Ready Prints, our gorgeous Soft Washed Gingham Linens, and our favourite new indie patterns, the Birdies decided to put their patchwork skills to the test and design some high-contrast looks that are sure to stop traffic.
     Don't worry monochrome lovers, we whipped up some fabulous versions for you as well. Come along as we walk you through them!
1. Matchy Matchy Sewing Club Horizon Day Dress (up to a 64" chest, 67" hip)
2. Friday Pattern Company Saturday Skirt Set (up to a 60" chest, 63" hip)
3. Daughter Judy Genra Shirt (up to a 60" chest, 66.5" hip)
Are you Team Monochrome or Team Patchwork? Tell us in the comments!

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