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Article: What To Sew With... Our Everyday Linen

What To Sew With... Our Everyday Linen
Pattern Roundups

What To Sew With... Our Everyday Linen

        With warmer weather just around the corner, here at Blackbird HQ we've been setting our sights on a wardrobe full of Spring ready fabrics and it's no surprise our Everyday Linen is first on our list.
        Made from 100% linen and available in a dazzling range of 20 hues, this midweight linen was an instant tried & true hit with the Birdies! Ultra-versatile, our Everyday Linen is our all-time favourite linen to use for everything from gathered dresses & skirts to cool matching pant & top sets. 
        If you managed to get your hands on a cut of this best-selling linen but haven't quite figured out what to use it for, don't panic, we've got you covered with some pattern inspiration to get your wheels churning.
Come along as we walk you through all the possibilities that this technicolour range offers!

1. Friday Pattern Company Saguaro Set (up to a 60" chest, 63" hip)

Shown here in Baked Peach.

2. Daughter Judy Seneca Jumpsuit (up to a 60" chest, 66.5" hip)

Shown here in Toffee.

3. Friday Pattern Company Hughes Dress (up to a 60" chest, 63" hip)

Shown here in Espresso.

4. Helen's Closet Gilbert Top (up to a 58" chest)

Shown here in Dusty Jade.

5. Seamwork Madhu Top (up to a 54" chest)

Shown here in Emerald.

6. Elbe Textiles Cornell Shirt (up to a 58" chest)

Shown here in Chartreuse.

7. Megan Nielsen Kelly Skirt (up to a 62" hip in their Curve range)

Shown here in Sky Blue.

8. Sew House Seven Free Range Slacks (up to a 65.5" hip in their Curvy range)

Shown here in Ocean.

9. Paradise Patterns Protea Pants (up to a 61" hip)

Shown here in Indigo.

10. Bag.uettes Zero Waste Wave Bag in Bubblegum

Shown here in Bubblegum.

11. Tytka Studio Triangular Frill Tote

Shown here in Fig.

12. Longan Patterns Quilt Flap Bag

Shown here in Merlot.
Have a pattern you think would be the perfect match for our Everyday Linens? Leave it in the comments below!

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